A Space To Grow - Signs Our Kids are Maturing

It's easy to measure your child's growth when it comes to height, weight and other milestones; but what about as their conscious mind grows & matures?

All the time my oldest son pushes the boundaries of responsibility and independence. "I know that already" is a common phrase slipping from his mouth. Even as I write this he confidently runs out of the house to play with friends -- sans shoes or coat.

If you're any thing like me the signs that he is ready to be in charge of his own person is becoming harder to ignore. My very adult way of looking at the world comes up briskly to his own views. He is in a perpetual state of waiting; eagerly waiting for.......summer, friends, tv time, shoes without socks weather, the weekend, mom to look away -- and whatever else sits right with a boy of 7 3/4 years.

I decided one day that the war against trash/treasure in his room is being lost and a new tactic might be needed.  Away with the idea that a few small bins are enough for his things; instead we need to customize his space to the way he thinks and organizes. 

Collections. An unlimited amount of collections circle his bedroom, most of which I can hardly understand. Cardboard boxes fill our house as he has convinced the school lunch lady, neighbors and family members to gift him these brown boxes of glory!

I concede that I have been telling him to recycle his entire life -- and it is the one principle he has latched onto the most.
A bottle cap collection? Of course. 

A broken pencil collection? Duh. 

Strings & rubber bands from the street? Heck yes.

As we spent the weekend reworking his bedroom I was so proud to see that he was mature enough to design the space as well as use the screw driver for all the screws (below 4 feet). He worked hard, we all did.

Knowing that we managed to meet in the middle to create a space where he is able to put his valuables out in plain view and that now his things can live up off the floor was a feat of compromise I didn't know we were able to accomplish.

Kids grow up. We know that and we expect it. That is until you begin to raise one, and then that huge obvious fact somehow falls out of believe in your mind. Parenthood is full of cliche's and us growing with our children is a true as any of them.

Summer is coming fast and I think our family is going to have many more growing pains as we enter into curfew & boundary territory. It's important as always for us to band together to make it through this thing called parenthood! 

Was there ever a milestone that blindsided you? Where do you find inspiration for solutions? 
Comment below!

             Until next time,

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