Fall Reading List For Kids

Autumn brings a certain focus; I love this time of year to acquire some good reads for when the weather turns dark, or perhaps a nice respite from a long week at school.
It's so fun to surprise kids with a new book, because we all need a good story in our lives.
I've outlined a few books for both youngsters and school age kids -- check them out below:

For Kindergartners & Early Readers:

 I don't know a single person who doesn't enjoy If You Give A Mouse A Cookie;  by Lauren Numeroff. This delightful book is always a joy to read and seems like a great book pair with a fun  snack and craft.

 My children have been really inspired by Peter Reynolds and his books. They really give kids license to be who they are and that any artistic expression is beautiful. I'm delighted to see he's created a new book, The Word Collector and this is definitely on our reading list this season.

 The Ox-Cart Man is a classic story which begins in the Fall and shows the full cycle of harvest and hard work. I remember the story from my early years and I am so happy someone brought it back to my attention; it is simply a fantastic book with great illustrations
and lessons, by Donald Hall.

For Elementary School Age:

 There is one popular book which I am hearing about everywhere -- Goodnight Stories For Rebel Girls has really inspired readers of young and old in the last decade. This fantastic book by two women, Ellena & Francesca Cavallo, highlights women throughout history who have achieved greatness or success and it has really encourage girls to reach for their dreams.

 The Dog Man Series, Dav Pilkey has captivated my son as well as many, many other readers who are emerging as newly reading on their own. This silly comic-style book keeps kids, particularly boys, engaged to keep coming back and really strengthen their literacy skills. I admit even just the premise has me cracking up too!

 I am just now hearing about The Magic Tree House collection of books and the combinations of action & magic seems like a great one to bring home for any child who dreams of their own wild adventures! This one from Mary Pope Osborne definitely on our reading list for the season.

I'd love to hear of your families favorite books for fall!

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