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Fall Reading List For Kids

Autumn brings a certain focus; I love this time of year to acquire some good reads for when the weather turns dark, or perhaps a nice respite from a long week at school. It's so fun to surprise kids with a new book, because we all need a good story in our lives. I've outlined a few books for both youngsters and school age kids -- check them out below: For Kindergartners & Early Readers:  I don't know a single person who doesn't enjoy If You Give A Mouse A Cookie ;  by Lauren Numeroff. This delightful book is always a joy to read and seems like a great book pair with a fun  snack and craft.  My children have been really inspired by Peter Reynolds and his books. They really give kids license to be who they are and that any artistic expression is beautiful. I'm delighted to see he's created a new book, The Word Collector and this is definitely on our reading list this season.  The Ox-Cart Man is a classic story which begins i

Autumn Family Nature Craft

  We all know those little nature treasures that kids find on the trail. The sticks and stones, pine cones and twigs. Well there's a way to continue the exploration once we're home! By taking those nature finds from the ground or off a bush and turning them into artwork we're allowing the conversation to continue, as well as letting children realize a project from start to finish; and can I tell you it's really hard not to jump in and create with them! Here are some fun ideas on how to create those collections -- and let me just say watching kids follow their inspirations is the best part! First assemble the items needed : Sticks Yarn Scissors Any nature finds -- example: pine cones, leaves , acorns I'm going to show you two different methods, but please remember the options are endless and I do hope you and your family will explore what works for you! The Nature Mobile is a winner because it can be added to at any time. A si