Finding Your Parent Inspiration

Parenting seems to be changing all the time; and not just in the current sense, but through all the ages. I'm convinced every generation (both parent & child) are on the edge of different techniques & experiences. You would think by now we'd have run out of things to change!

The current Self Education that is available to us is amazing! Not all theories I come across will be relatable, but when I find a parenting practice that resonates I am all ready to wrap those good intentions around myself. The only thing is, for me, the logical message doesn't always hold through my fatigue, stress or irritation. 

The lessons I am able to recall are the ones I learned from watching other parents handle a situation better than I would. I'm finding my intentions from logically reading an article just don't translate into the world of high tensions and screaming antics the way that tangible experiences do.

However I am able to draw on past experiences I was a part of:
  • I can remember a calm father correcting a hard moment between siblings even though the whole thing happened behind me in line at the supermarket.
  • I can think of a friends parenting strategy that I've seen a dozen times and let my kids too, learn for themselves, what wet shoes feel like on the walk home.
  • And as I've seen my partner illustrate, I can rally the enthusiasm to make a change in plans for the third time, still seem like a good idea to a preschooler ; which actually happened in this post.

The difference seems to be presence of mind; my whole being was engaged in those moments and while some of them weren't from my own children, I was present enough to absorb a lesson.

Parents and kids are always evolving and it feels good to let our friends and peers teach us by example a different way. And in turn, we may unknowingly be showing someone else an easier method -- because raising kids is hard and we all need inspiration at times. Why not let it be the people in our own community.

So I am wondering if it isn't time to let our friends be the source of insight when coming up with a different approach. I think it would be wonderful if we all took a minute every once in a while and thanked these people for demonstrating a good parenting moment.

Who's with me!!

Photo by Annacaitlinphotography

I'd love to hear about how an unscripted moment stuck with you. Or perhaps the written word holds more weight. Let me know in the comments!
            Until next time,


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