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Six Essentials For Your Adventure

 When you are headed out for an adventure there are a few things you should try to pack. It's important to have the necessary items so that you are prepared when heading out into nature. These 6 essentials are great for youngsters to carry themselves:   -- Water -- First aide kit -- Whistle -- Trail snack -- Sun protection (hat and/or sunscreen) -- Flashlight As an adult there are 10 essentials that will be life saving if you become lost in the wilderness. Here are the additional items: -- Coat -- Space blanket -- Navigation (map & compass)  -- Knife (pocket knife) Please remember that its important to be prepared as you never know what you may encounter. Pack accordingly   Thanks for taking time to stop by, Laura If you are in need of gear for kids, teens, or adults please visit my Etsy shop for some great items

The Art Of Natural Dyeing - A Conversation with Jessica Unsell

  "The Earth is one big spectrum of color" -- Jessica Unsell on the art of dyeing We see so many mesmerizing colors in the the natural world and with some patience and knowledge it's possible to capture them onto our favorite medium. I talked to Jessica Unsell, creator of Wild Fire Water , about her passion for the natural dyeing process onto fabric. Her work speaks for itself in beauty and Eco-consciousness, creating heirloom pieces for anyone to enjoy.   I had the pleasure of collaborating with her on my own recent project and wanted to expand on our conversation! Read on to hear what she had to say:   Tell us a little about the process of dyeing with natural materials. First of all, thank you for collaborating with me!  I love to “spread to love” of natural dyeing and see how the dyed fabric ends up.  The process of natural dyeing has many stages.  First the fabric is pre-treated before dyeing.  Since your canvas was cotton (cellulose pla