Through the Lava Fields

As I see more places I'm learning to appreciate the different landscapes that are available to explore. Lava fields are no different. We were lucky enough to visit the Lava Lands and at first glance I assumed a dead land, parched for water...

This is not true! An ecosystem lives among the 40 feet tall rubble and animals scurry around. Plants become visible if you look for them and it seems even this high altitude place has some secrets if you care to explore and listen and learn.

There was a lava tube which is an incredibly dark cave to explore, miles of field full with jagged black rocks, and a volcanic cone where we got to walk around the crater. It was incredible and I am so excited to learn more about this fascinating subject; particularly while thinking about the Hawaiian volcano which is actively reaching further into residential areas. I was glad to learn that the Hawaiian Islands supply leading scientist with most of our knowledge about volcanoes so plenty of eyes are on the problem over there.

The magma below our feet is no joke and it is still, even today, is reshaping and expanding our continents. I would recommend a stop to your local lava park, because there is more than one would expect!!

As always we were sure to pack the regular supplies of water, snack first aid, map as so forth. Be sure you are prepared when heading out for an adventure!

Take care,

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