Modern Treasure Hunt : Geocaching

Have you heard of Geocaching? Or maybe you haven't thought about it in a while...

There are so many great outdoor activities to do as a family, such as in this blog post, and I can tell you it's pretty easy to add geocaching to whatever you are already doing.  It's a current day treasure hunt and is fun for everyone since there are so many types of caches to find. The urge to find the next cache can be quite thrilling and addictive!

As explained by Sue, an enthusiast, "It's multi-million dollar military equipment used to find Tupperware in the woods."  I recently went to an Into To Geocaching and was delighted to hear from Sue, who also used to be the president of the local chapter.

In basic terms you use your phone's GPS (or other mobile device) and an app to find the general location of a hidden object and then use clues to find the exact location. It's an interactive way to engage with the environment and the quiet of people who support it.

The one common theme between all geocaches is the log sheet to sign when you find it; so the first tip is to always carry a pen in your pocket. The part that makes it exciting for kids is that many of the cache's have trinkets inside -- but common courtesy is to take an item/leave an item so that there is always treasure for the next person. And lastly, please be discrete, this game takes a bit of detective work and secrecy from people around you.

And if your wondering if you must be close to a park to enjoy, you'll be pleased to hear that the urban landscape has a plethora of caches. So the next time you arrive in a parking lot or are strolling through a park...take an extra minute to check for a geocache!!

I highly recommend this fun family activity so take a few minutes to get all the info at the Geocaching Website, and remember like any outdoor sport, please pack accordingly.

You can find some great adventure gear in my shop for kids who like to carry their own treasures and snacks!!

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