Cascade Handmade Story

Hello, I'm Laura the creator of Cascade Handmade, a company making Adventure Gear for kids. It is so exciting to be at the beginning of this journey. I have been working very hard the last couple months to start up my new business from the ground up.

I decided to step into an entrepreneur role as my families dynamic changes and I am needed less and less by my children (yes, that eventually happens). What better way to find a fulfilling career than by uniting my passions; Exploring with children, Outdoors & Sewing.
I am a prolific seamstress and I would rather be sharing my talents with the world helping get the right kinds of tools into kids hands so that they can have an enriching experience with nature.

 Originally my sister in law tried to convince me to sew up some cute bonnets and sell them on Etsy, but I could hardly hear her as I suddenly began to obsess over the future designs of adventure bags strapped to kids who are running over logs and boulders -- cramming sticks, rocks and frogs into their packs alongside their half eaten granola bars...

Yes I was hooked, and the company has heightened into these beautiful bags and hats that I can't get enough of.  I hope the handmade production of these Adventure Bags is sustainable and that I find even more friendships and intriguing opportunities that I couldn't have imagined.

As for now I continue to check off boxes on my to do list and I am only a few days away from having a grand opening. I will use this blog as a platform to communicate with others who love to explore the outdoors with kids. There are so many tips and stories to share in this great community.

Thank you for taking a minute to let me introduce myself.


~~To see more of my process and the things I create check out my Instagram Page~~


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