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A Space To Grow - Signs Our Kids are Maturing

It's easy to measure your child's growth when it comes to height, weight and other milestones; but what about as their conscious mind grows & matures?

All the time my oldest son pushes the boundaries of responsibility and independence. "I know that already" is a common phrase slipping from his mouth. Even as I write this he confidently runs out of the house to play with friends -- sans shoes or coat.
If you're any thing like me the signs that he is ready to be in charge of his own person is becoming harder to ignore. My very adult way of looking at the world comes up briskly to his own views. He is in a perpetual state of waiting; eagerly waiting for.......summer, friends, tv time, shoes without socks weather, the weekend, mom to look away -- and whatever else sits right with a boy of 7 3/4 years.

I decided one day that the war against trash/treasure in his room is being lost and a new tactic might be needed.  Away with the idea that a few small bins are eno…

Finding Your Parent Inspiration

Parenting seems to be changing all the time; and not just in the current sense, but through all the ages. I'm convinced every generation (both parent & child) are on the edge of different techniques & experiences. You would think by now we'd have run out of things to change!

The current Self Education that is available to us is amazing! Not all theories I come across will be relatable, but when I find a parenting practice that resonates I am all ready to wrap those good intentions around myself. The only thing is, for me, the logical message doesn't always hold through my fatigue, stress or irritation. 

The lessons I am able to recall are the ones I learned from watching other parents handle a situation better than I would. I'm finding my intentions from logically reading an article just don't translate into the world of high tensions and screaming antics the way that tangible experiences do.

However I am able to draw on past experiences I was a part of: I can …

Changing Plans Again

It's a good looking spring day outside and that means the parks are full & the construction is detouring.  Out of all the plans we made and the many blocks we circled for parking; finally we landed on a popular little spot in Westmoreland and it was perfect!

First we experimented with our camera

And then we got to the dirty work of play!

Her name is rainbow...
 Don't forget your hat on those sunny days!
Shop for an Adventure Cap

I am so pleased to be opening my online store full of lovely adventure gear for kids. All of the items are handmade by myself with sturdy canvas material and durable trimmings. Please go check out the Store and take a look. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments about the gear.
I'm so excited to be sharing these products with you so I decided to have a free gift for the first 20 orders! 
Little Things Pouch


Adventure Cap

Adventure Pack

If you would like to check it out further, feel free to visit me on my Website or come find me on Instagram.
Laura Cascade Handmade

Cascade Handmade Story

Hello, I'm Laura the creator of Cascade Handmade, a company making Adventure Gear for kids. It is so exciting to be at the beginning of this journey. I have been working very hard the last couple months to start up my new business from the ground up.

I decided to step into an entrepreneur role as my families dynamic changes and I am needed less and less by my children (yes, that eventually happens). What better way to find a fulfilling career than by uniting my passions; Exploring with children, Outdoors & Sewing.
I am a prolific seamstress and I would rather be sharing my talents with the world helping get the right kinds of tools into kids hands so that they can have an enriching experience with nature.

 Originally my sister in law tried to convince me to sew up some cute bonnets and sell them on Etsy, but I could hardly hear her as I suddenly began to obsess over the future designs of adventure bags strapped to kids who are running over logs and boulders -- cramming sticks,…